New Sandwich Alert!

OMG! Best Sandwich by Schär!

I had a really long day yesterday. After an exhausting day at work, I had to get an MRI. Every six months I have to get rescanned because I developed tumors on my liver. The doctors feel that the tumors were caused by taking hormones (birth control). The last scan I had six months ago showed the tumors had shrunk, so cross your fingers for good news this time!

Anyway, I came home and found a package outside my door. I got really excited when I found out it was from Schär! I quickly opened it up to find two different loaves of bread. There was Artisan White Bread and Multigrain Bread. I was eager to try them since this is their new and improved recipe. I got really excited (I know, this isn’t that exciting but when you have as many food allergies as I do, anything involving food I can eat is very exciting!) I knew that I wanted to make a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich for work.

Schar Bread

This morning I got up and made my sunflower butter (Sunflower Seed Butter is a substitute for Peanut Butter) and raspberry jelly sandwich.

Sandwich Schar

OMG! Doesn’t this look so good!?!

Sandwich Schar 2

When it was time for lunch, I was very excited to try this sandwich. Not only was I trying the Schär bread, I was trying sunflower butter for the first time. It was delicious!!! The bread was soft and moist. It held the sunflower butter and jelly together pretty well. I did not feel like I was missing anything with this sandwich or with the bread. The sunflower butter was pretty good but I think I like soy nut butter better (that is like a tongue twister-better butter, butter better).

Sandwich Schar 3

I highly recommend you go and try Schär Bread! You won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to try the multigrain bread! Maybe I will make something with it for breakfast or lunch tomorrow….