Watermelon Bowl

Watermelon Bowl

How cute is this watermelon bowl? I went to a cookout this Labor Day Weekend and wondered what to bring. Cookouts or BBQ’s are sometimes a scary place to be when you have Celiac Disease and food allergies. You don’t know what food is going to be there, will you be able to eat anything, or are things cross-contaminated?

To make this cute watermelon bowl, get a watermelon and cut the top off. Don’t cut through the middle because you want your bowl to be filled with the cut watermelon pieces. Since I did not have a melon baller (which you could use to get those cute balls of watermelon), I took a knife and cut around the edges in the inside. With a large spoon, I scooped the watermelon out and cut it into chunks. I put the watermelon chunks back into the watermelon bowl.

This was a big hit at the cookout! You could also make a fruit salad with different types of fruits and use the watermelon bowl to hold it.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Labor Day Weekend! xoxo

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